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Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

MIdlands based digital marketing consultant providing SEO and PPC services across the UK and further afield
Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

My name is Owain Powell. I am owner of OCP Digital Marketing and I provide digital marketing advice and services for businesses across Europe and America. Owain has worked with some of the leading brands across industry, such as Sky, L’Oreal, Microsoft, CitySprint and Doosan; supporting these businesses by advising or supporting on and also managing their digital marketing campaigns.

Having worked for various digital agencies over the years, I am slowly transitioning into providing independent digital marketing services (SEO, PPC etc) for businesses across the UK and further afield.


Even as a small to medium business, there has never been a better time to optimise your online proposition. Your website needs to perform not just for the sake of business growth, but also to keep pace and vie for position online against your closest competitors. As a search engine optimisation consultant, I don’t only provide guidance and support, but also digital marketing campaign management and ongoing support.

I am based in the Midlands, but work remotely for various clients across multiple locations.

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