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Digital marketing specialist

Very few industries are unfamiliar to Owain, who has worked on long term SEO & PPC projects with the likes of:

-The Football Association (Sport)
-Miss World, L’Oreal (Beauty)
-Bluu Tetris, Gleeds (Commercial Property & Construction)
-Doosan, Hurricane Energy, MSS Lasers (Industrial)
-Sky Business, Press Association (Media)
-CitySpring and Fowler Welch (Logistics)
-British School of Brussels International School (Education)

Owain hasn’t just worked with bluechip enterprises, but also, many small to medium sized businesses with lower levels of campaign and PPC advertising budgets. Discover more about Owain’s digital marketing expertise here.

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Before conducting any marketing campaign, it is essential to know how your existing website performs across the web from a technical and search standpoint.  By taking the time to manually review any on-site and off-site issues by means of a web audit, it becomes easier to determine any issues that might be preventing your website from performing well in search engines such as Google.

Local Search

Local search marketing is invaluable for businesses offering a service in proximity to your business location. Typically ideal for café’s, restaurants, builders, plumbers and local independent shops. If your business wants to be discovered within Google or Bing’s map listings, you will require a fully optimised local listing for search engines to recognise and optimise your business. In addition, local citations need to be developed.

The old adage “content is king” is still as pertinent as ever. The value of content marketing isn’t assessed on the quantity of written copy or even keyword density, but instead, through qualitative research techniques. Your website content needs to work smart, and it’s content must be refined for users of your site. Your copy has to be contextual enough to be indexed by search engines for any searches relating to the services your business offers. Balancing user experience (UX) and writing website copy for SEO is a a tricky art, but if done correctly, can reap many rewards.

Paid search, or pay per click (PPC) through Google Adwords is a key area to help supplement your organic visibility (or any lack of) in Google. Advertising effectively through PPC ensures a more frequent brand presence for searches your business wishes to appear for. Owain is fully accredited and Adwords certified. He also has over 8 years experience successfully managing Google Adwords campaigns.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t a science but an art. Google rewards websites for providing great user experiences (UX), rich and rewarding on-page content and valuable media backlinks from valuable publications which point back to your website. These factors all influence your domain (website) authority, resulting in your overall level of online visibility improving, thus impacting upon your closest marketplace competition.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a frivolous task. The rewards of an effective and well planned social media strategy can prove immense beyond campaign execution. Not only will you gain brand equity through posting organically, but paid social can also deliver success for your business, particularly through platforms such as Facebook if your focus is B2C, where the targeting platform is well refined. Alternatively, if your focus is B2B, LinkedIn may be the best avenue for your business to drive additional engagement.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the art of analysing any underlying issues on your website, looking into why visitors may not be converting. The value of CRO is in identifying why there are sticking points or drop-offs from your website before a visitor engages with key calls to actions. This involves forming rationale (through evidence gathering) to support any hypothesis behind any lack of conversion. Owain has worked with the likes of Asda, Toyota, Virgin, CBS Network & other recognised brands on optimising their conversion flows, utilising tools beyond Google Analytics along the way.

Your website is the face of your company, so you deserve to know how users are engaging with every aspect, from any activity to the levels of engagement and interactions made on your site. Only when you can interpret the data behind the performance of your business website (through platforms such as Google Analytics), can improvements start to be made.

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Background and Experience

Since graduating from the University of Gloucestershire in 2008 with a BA Honours in Strategic Business Management, Owain has gone on to work with leading brands in a wide range of sectors.

Owain started his career, working in a Sports Marketing & CRM role at Goodform, a Sports Marketing Agency based in Warwick; where he successfully account managed the The Football Association’s Licensed Coaches Membership scheme. He also worked on a number of other accounts for PL Football Clubs, County Cricket Clubs, and the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU).

Over the past 10 years, Owain has worked predominantly in the City of London, for Top 100 Digital Agency; Tangent (formerly Decibel Digital). He has also worked in a marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) capacity for fast growing customer experience SaaS, Decibel Insight.

Owain has relocated from London to the Midlands where he works flexibly and remotely for two digital agencies as well as his own set of clients which he manages on a freelance basis.


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The fun part…

Aside from marketing, Owain is lives with his wife and child in Rugby, Warwickshire.

In his leisure time, Owain plays squash, tennis, football and golf. He has travelled extensively across Europe and South America.

On the road

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