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Why work with a freelance PPC & SEO expert

Owain has worked in the digital agency space for approaching 15 years, and worked with some of the best known brands in Europe, supporting their PPC & SEO efforts. It’s safe to say, he’s seen it all when it comes to how not to and how to best manage digital marketing campaigns.

Whilst digital agencies still offer great solutions to many clients, a freelance PPC or SEO consultant can really add increased value and flexibility that PPC or SEO agencies simply can’t.

Also outlined below, there are many key benefits to hiring a freelance PPC expert over a digital or PPC agency, not least the fact that it’s far more personable to deal with one individual, not multiple.

*over double the revenue generated through PPC year on year (YoY)

Supporting you with your digital marketing objectives.

  • Why Hire a Freelance PPC or SEO Consultant Over a Digital Agency?

    • No long term contracts
    • Dedicated campaign management
    • Lower management cost than digital or ppc agencies
    • Guaranteed experience and expertise
    • Flexibility to react to situations 24/7
    • Full transparency, timesheet logs and project managed

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