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Business Support During Covid-19


Business Support During Covid-19

Most businesses across the country have been adversely affected by coronavirus, which is naturally causing widespread concern not just for business owners, but about the economic situation across the UK.

If your business has been classified as ‘non-essential’ by the government, it is likely that you have had to temporarily close your doors during the lockdown. Otherwise, and if possible for you to do so; you and your team may be working remotely from home and away from the office. Below are some key points for your business and some recommendations around the steps you can take during these troubling times.

  • Business owners can mark themselves as “Temporarily Closed” on Google My Business. Use your existing gmail account to login and make this change.


  • Are you updating your consumers about your businesses current status during Covid-19? Look towards implementing a callout on your website to make your current business situation clear.
  • Email those on your confirmed database with your company’s update, and also post out via your social channels
  • Use any current dwell time in business activity to plan (as best as you can) ahead, post Covid-19. Your customers and clients are currently likely to be cooped up indoors, with lots of pent up energy to get outdoors and active once again. With the impact of Covid-19 looking to affect the start of Summer, if you operate a travel company or hotel, how about a campaign to #saveforsummer? Encouraging people not to part ways with their money now; but to save for their holiday post Covid-19.


There are a number of other steps you can take. Should you be looking for any support during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact Owain for further advice.

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