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Digital Marketing Services across Birmingham

Owain works closely and thoroughly with all businesses before undertaking a pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign to assess whether your business is ‘ready’ to convert appropriate audiences clicking through to your business from Google. You otherwise risk throwing good money after bad. Owain will work closely in the first instance to assess your business website’s ‘readiness’ to commence with a PPC campaign. This will involve a user experience (UX) a conversion optimisation review as well as an assessment of your paid landing pages (where your customers land to your website through your ads). Only after this has been achieved is your business ready to maximise ROI from a PPC campaign.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a longer play game, requiring a patient approach over at minimum of 3 months to start to see tangible results. Long gone are the days of black-hat SEO, link farming, directory spamming and all-but guaranteed ‘quick wins’. SEO nowadays is an art, a perfect blend of on-page SEO (ensuring your website content/copy is best marketed to end users and search engines) as well as off-page. Off-page SEO requires a lot of effort through developing an effective digital PR model, building relationships with your industry and (in essence) working to achieve the growth and development of your brand. This doesn’t happen overnight. Owain can work closely with you to develop organic traffic and develop your brand and visibility through Google over time. To gain website authority requires a smart, strategic and collaborative approach, as well as benchmarking on progress. Owain does not promise X rankings on 1st page of Google and he recommends that you stay well away from anyone who does promise X rankings as they are untrustworthy.

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What are the costs per hour?

Hourly Rate


London agencies charge between £80-120p/h. Midlands based agencies charge between £60-80p/h.
How does Owain typically work?

As a freelancer, I use a project-managed approach with Asana to ensure complete transparency and seamless collaboration with my clients. My Asana project board serves as a central hub where you can track progress, set new tasks, and adjust business objectives in real-time. This system allows for clear communication, detailed task assignments, and efficient updates, keeping everyone aligned and accountable throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Client communication is typically managed via Asana and email, supplemented by a monthly reporting call to discuss progress and address any objectives for the month ahead. By leveraging Asana, I offer you full visibility into every step of your project, fostering a collaborative environment that adapts to evolving needs. This approach ensures timely delivery, proactive problem-solving, and exceptional results. Experience the benefits of transparent and flexible project management—get in touch today to start achieving your business goals.

SEO & Digital PR

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t a science but an art. Google rewards websites for providing great user experiences (UX), rich and rewarding on-page content and valuable media backlinks from valuable publications which point back to your website. These factors all influence your domain (website) authority, resulting in your overall level of online visibility improving, thus impacting upon your closest marketplace competition.

Local Search

Local search marketing is invaluable for businesses offering a service in proximity to your business location. Typically ideal for café’s, restaurants, builders, plumbers and local independent shops. If your business wants to be discovered within Google or Bing’s map listings, you will require a fully optimised local listing for search engines to recognise and optimise your business. In addition, local citations need to be developed.

Content Marketing

The old adage “content is king” is still as pertinent as ever. The value of content marketing isn’t assessed on the quantity of written copy or even keyword density, but instead, through qualitative research techniques. Your website content needs to work smart, and it’s content must be refined for users of your site. Your copy has to be contextual enough to be indexed by search engines for any searches relating to the services your business offers. Balancing user experience (UX) and writing website copy for SEO is a a tricky art, but if done correctly, can reap many rewards.


Your website is the face of your company, so you deserve to know how users are engaging with every aspect, from any activity to the levels of engagement and interactions made on your site. Only when you can interpret the data behind the performance of your business website (through platforms such as Google Analytics), can improvements start to be made.

Background and Experience

Since graduating from the University of Gloucestershire in 2008 with a BA Honours in Strategic Business Management, Owain has gone on to work with leading brands in a wide range of sectors.

Owain started his career, working in a Sports Marketing & CRM role at Goodform, a Sports Marketing Agency based in Warwick; where he successfully account managed the The Football Association’s Licensed Coaches Membership scheme. He also worked on a number of other accounts for PL Football Clubs, County Cricket Clubs, and the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU).

Over the past 10 years, Owain has worked predominantly in the City of London, for Top 100 Digital Agency; Tangent (formerly Decibel Digital). He has also worked in a marketing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) capacity for fast growing customer experience SaaS, Decibel Insight.

Over the past year, Owain relocated back to the Midlands for family reasons, where he currently works for UP Hotel Agency, a specialist Digital Marketing Agency for Hotels, and the well reputed Digital Agency, ADAO.


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The fun part…

Aside from marketing, Owain is lives with his wife in the Midlands.

In his leisure time, he enjoys staying active by playing football and racquet sports (tennis, squash) mixed with a bit of dancing. Also, being a bit of an intrepid explorer, he has ventured to most countries in Europe and also South America, he plans to visit Australia and New Zealand next. Prefers sampling cultures and is certainly not one for an all inclusive!

He has an eclectic taste in music (as his friends and work colleagues will vouch for), with a penchant for R&B, Electronic, New Age, Synthwave, 80s/90s & Latin Music Genres, predominantly Reggaeton, Bachata and Pagode.

On the road

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